StreamSync is the easiest tool on the market when it comes to making quick, easy and cost efficient multimedia productions to be distributed via the Internet. StreamSync can be used either for live broadcasting or for on-demand viewing.

Let your production include streaming media, PowerPoint or other pictures and text. The unique software saves everything included in your show and it can immediately be published on the Internet. No expensive or time-consuming editing is necessary.

With version 2.1.6 you are now able to show your presentation with Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. This means that all your viewers can view your presentation with same functionality in Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera besides Internet Explorer. Thoose visitors that do not have Microsoft Silverlight plugin will be shown the traditional Streamsync player that uses Windows Media Player direct on the webpage which works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Web TV watching has increased dramatically during the last year. Streaming is no longer primarily a channel for advertising or entertainment. Many companies have now discovered the benefits of webcasting corporate information about their business and their products.

Information to employees and different kind of educations are also areas where streaming has great demand.